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Life at Luno London: Meet our UK Software Engineering Manager, Amo

by Team Luno 4 minute read

Life at Luno is a glimpse into what it’s like working at a global Fintech startup in the cryptocurrency industry.

Luno Crypto Hackathon 2019

by Team Luno 7 minute read

We hacked all night and came up with solutions in only 24 hours! Check out who won our decentralised Luno Hackathon and what the winning ideas were.

Scaling with Bitcoin: Automating identity verification

by Andrew Nash 5 minute read

One of the biggest challenges we face as an international cryptocurrency Wallet and Exchange is identity verification. This is how our onboarding pod solved it.

Scaling a cryptocurrency exchange using Go and microservices

by Chad Petersen 6 minute read

When we first started Luno, we wanted to build an intuitive app, that was both secure and robust. We needed to move quickly but didn’t want to compromise on user experience. Our architectural solution needed to include simple, widely accepted design principles and patterns. To “move fast and take action”...

Librarian: How Luno does big data

by Neil Garb 6 minute read

Luno loves data. In fact, using data in our decision-making processes is one of our Moontality values. Most engineering projects must first be motivated using data and are not concluded until the project’s impact on the data is measured. Librarian facilitates Luno’s analysis of big data by bridging our data lake and our data warehouse.

New Luno API SDKs

by Neil Garb 3 minute read

From code to client Many customers interact with Luno using our API, which gives anyone access to market data. Developers use the Luno API to build applications to automatically buy, sell, send, receive, deposit and withdraw supported local and cryptocurrencies. If this still makes sense to you, read on. The...

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