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Scaling a cryptocurrency exchange using Go and microservices

by Chad Petersen 6 minute read

When we first started Luno, we wanted to build an intuitive app, that was both secure and robust. We needed to move quickly but didn’t want to compromise on user experience. Our architectural solution needed to include simple, widely accepted design principles and patterns. To “move fast and take action”...

Librarian: How Luno does big data

by Neil Garb 7 minute read

Luno loves data. In fact, using data in our decision-making processes is one of our Moontality values. Most engineering projects must first be motivated using data and are not concluded until the project’s impact on the data is measured. Librarian facilitates Luno’s analysis of big data by bridging our data lake and our data warehouse.

New Luno API SDKs

by Neil Garb 3 minute read

From code to client Many customers interact with Luno using our API, which gives anyone access to market data. Developers use the Luno API to build applications to automatically buy, sell, send, receive, deposit and withdraw supported local and cryptocurrencies. If this still makes sense to you, read on. The...

Luno Engineering: MySQL query analysis in Go

by Timothy Stranex 3 minute read

Over the past months, the number of transactions and traffic processed by Luno has skyrocketed. Keeping pace with this growth has required the engineering team to scale and optimise the performance of all our systems. In this blog post, we’ll describe a tool we developed to investigate and optimise our...

Finite-State Machines at Luno

by Timothy Stranex 5 minute read

Executing a multi-step business process (e.g. processing a financial transaction) is trivial in a linear self-contained program, but can become very complex in the context of a distributed system with multiple concurrent servers and external dependencies, such as the systems we run at Luno. With even a small number of...

Monitoring at Luno

by Timothy Stranex 2 minute read

At Luno, our production system is composed of several services which talk to one another via RPCs. Our backend services are written in Go and are hosted on Amazon EC2. After we had grown beyond running more than a couple of servers and our user numbers began growing substantially, it...

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