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Anonymous cryptocurrencies, privacy and fungibility

by Team Luno 4 minute read

It’s official. This week should mark the release of Zerocash. This new cryptocurrency, affectionately known as Zcash, is much like Bitcoin, but what sets it apart from Bitcoin is its focus on fungibility and user privacy. As you may know, the Bitcoin network is a publicly verifiable ledger in which...

Dollar-Cost Averaging as part of your Bitcoin investment strategy

by Team Luno 3 minute read

Bitcoin has gained increasing importance as an asset class over the past many years. Bitcoin’s price often makes headlines, primarily due to its volatile nature. No one can predict where the Bitcoin price will be a few months --or years-- down the line, as is the case with any other...

Bitcoin and the Pokémon GO phenomenon

by Team Luno 2 minute read

Last week the world saw the launch of Pokémon GO, a roleplaying game for mobile. The latest installment in the Pokémon franchise quickly went viral and gamers around the world flocked to parks with their eyes glued to their screens to “catch ‘em all”.   Social media quickly filled up...

The Bitcoin reward halving

by Team Luno 2 minute read

Courtesy: (Élise Dé & Laurent D) There’s a lot of excitement and confusion about Bitcoin’s upcoming reward halving and the implication on Bitcoin users. What is the reward halving? When Bitcoin transactions are transmitted to the Bitcoin network, they are grouped together in blocks which are recorded in the...

NetProphet: Michael Jordaan & Marcus Swanepoel

by Team Luno 1 minute read

Below is an interview with Michael Jordaan and our CEO, Marcus Swanepoel, conducted by Kieno Kammies at NetProphet 2016. They discuss the the evolution of banking, the future of finance, Bitcoin and making the move from "suit to startup". Michael Jordaan was appointed head of FNB by the age of 36 and spent...

What is MMM Global?

by Team Luno 4 minute read

[themify_box style="rounded info" ]Update: there have been reports (Financial Times link - free article, but login required) of some local chapters of MMM Global collapsing and Sergei Mavrodi being in hiding. We expect some of them to keep running for a while, rebranding, but will in all probability be collapsing...

How to buy Ether (Ethereum) with Bitcoin

by Team Luno 2 minute read

At Luno, we're banking on Bitcoin making it big one day (or continue to make it big). Enough so that we now exclusively take our trading revenue in Bitcoin. That said, there has been a large amount of interest in Ethereum --an interesting alternative blockchain technology-- from our users over the past few weeks....

Bitcoin's Bad Reputation: The Truth Behind The Sensationalism

by Team Luno 9 minute read

Bitcoin has a bad reputation. But how much of it is based on fact? We look beyond the sensationalism to separate the myths from reality. Image: AMC Networks Inc. As industry insiders, it is sometimes hard to admit Bitcoin suffers from serious negative perception issues. In the minds of many...

Beyond the Blockchain

by Team Luno 15 minute read

Why Bitcoin 3.0 really is Bitcoin 1.0 Over the past few months we’ve been bombarded with calls and visits from many leading financial institutions and other large global businesses, typically with the same questions: “Can you please explain to us what blockchains are?”, “What can blockchains do for our business?”...

Taking Bitcoin Mainstream in 2016

by Team Luno 3 minute read

At BitX we love using Bitcoin and we can see the clear advantages it has over other forms of money. Given the traction and use cases we are seeing across the markets we operate in, we also believe it’s only a matter of time before Bitcoin becomes more mainstream. That...

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