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The consensus on consensus mechanisms: PoW vs PoS vs DPoS and more

by Lucille Wilcox 6 minute read

A closer look at the most popular consensus mechanisms and how they work to ensure public blockchains operate transparently and independent of any single authority.

Luno's view on forks

by Team Luno 3 minute read

Uncover how and why blockchain forks occur, what they mean for the crypto community, and how Luno approaches their integration into the Luno platform.

Understanding Ethereum fees: How gas works

by Lucille Wilcox 6 minute read

Ethereum transaction fees hit another all-time high (ATH) this week, with miners earning a record $500,000 in fees in a single hour. To better understand this, let's break down how Ethereum transaction fees (or gas) work.

WATCH: How to buy bitcoin on a crypto exchange 💰

by Team Luno 1 minute read

Learn step by step how to buy bitcoin with local currencies and trade crypto on the Luno Exchange.

Daily market update: Rejection at $12,000 for Bitcoin – where to next?

by Team Luno 3 minute read

Our retrospective on everything that happened in Bitcoin over the last 24 hours.

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) in a Nutshell

by Lucille Wilcox 6 minute read

Imagine being able to bypass traditional financial institutions for things like loans, savings and insurance? Imagine no more–DeFi is here, and it's changing the way we think about crypto and their use cases.

Who controls your money?

by Team Luno 2 minute read

To mark Luno’s launch in the UK, we wanted to get people thinking more critically about the system their money is a part of. Do you really know what happens to your money?

Crypto around the world: Australia 🇦🇺

by Team Luno 9 minute read

In our Crypto Around the World series, we take a look at the crypto landscape in different markets around the world, focusing on infrastructure, investment, regulation, and adoption. This time we're spotlighting the land of kangaroos and koalas, Australia.

Why Bitcoin made it: What happened to other digital cash?

by Lucille Wilcox 9 minute read

Bitcoin has "died" more than 350 times. But here it still stands, stronger than ever. Competing with some-5,000 altcoins and numerous digital cash attempts that came before it, how has Bitcoin stayed on top?

How we make product decisions at Luno: The inside scoop with Exchange PO, Michael Kourtis

by Team Luno 4 minute read

Ever wanted to know how new features are added to the Luno Exchange? We sat down with Exchange Product Owner, Michael Kourtis to understand how new functions are built and what exciting new features are coming soon.

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