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The CBDC race: Can the US take the lead?

by Lucille Wilcox 3 minute read

Fed president, Jerome Powell confirmed in February 2020 that they’re “working hard on it [CBDC]” but recent reports claim the US is lagging behind. So who's poised to win the great central bank digital currency race?

A beginner's guide to cryptocurrency charts

by Team Luno 7 minute read

A brief overview of the charts used by cryptocurrency traders in their market analysis and how they work.

A beginner's guide to crypto trading strategies

by Team Luno 4 minute read

A brief overview of some of the most common cryptocurrency trading and investment strategies.

A beginner's guide to crypto market analysis

by Team Luno 5 minute read

A brief overview of some of the most common methods of analysis for cryptocurrency trading and investment.

Ethereum's 5th birthday – charting its journey so far

by Team Luno 7 minute read

Five years ago, “Don the Dog” caused chaos when he drove a tractor on a motorway in Scotland. It was a simpler time. Elsewhere in the world, a group of very smart people were on the verge of releasing a new platform that set out to transform the world as we know it – Ethereum.

Why is Bitcoin’s price so volatile?

by Team Luno 4 minute read

Bitcoin's price is notoriously volatile. Over the years, we’ve witnessed huge swings (both up and down) in the span of days, hours and even minutes. But what causes this?

Anthony Pompliano: "I think Bitcoin's going to go to at least $100,000"

by Team Luno 10 minute read

Check out the highlights from the Global Crypto Podcast with Anthony Pompliano, one of the world’s leading voices on tech innovation and digital assets.

Crypto in 2020: The year so far

by James Ovenden 12 minute read

We review the year so far for cryptocurrency and look at how events line up with the predictions we made at the end of 2019.

WATCH: How to trade crypto on an exchange 📊

by Team Luno 1 minute read

In our new Trading with Luno video series, you’ll learn all there is to know to get you started trading crypto. We’ll cover everything from how to use an exchange to how the most popular trading strategies work. In this episode, you’ll get to know the basics of how to...

What will the banks of the future look like?

by Team Luno 4 minute read

Technology is changing and it’s time for our money to catch up.

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