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Your essential guide to crypto content

by James Ovenden 6 minute read

Stuck for things to do indoors? We've collated some of the best crypto content out there – whether it's a book to read, a virtual blockchain event, or a Bitcoin documentary.

Can blockchain technology help fight coronavirus?

by Lucille Wilcox 4 minute read

Are applications of blockchain technology in assisting with the outbreak a case of media hype or a genuine tool?

Bitcoin Halving (Halvening): Everything you need to know

by James Ovenden 3 minute read

Everyone's talking about the Bitcoin halving. Here's what you need to know.

The evolution of technology

by Lucille Wilcox 4 minute read

Take a dive into the mysterious lifecycle of technological evolution and the factors that expedite (and hinder) its progression.

Introducing the Pennydrop Project

by Pennydrop 2 minute read

There’s nothing more satisfying than the moment when something just clicks. That ‘aha’ moment. When did you realise Bitcoin was the future?

The evolution of cryptography part 2: The dawn of the digital age

by James Ovenden 6 minute read

An in-depth look back at how cryptography has evolved through the ages. In part 2, we focus on the introduction of electromechanical machines and the birth of the computer.

Will Africa define the future of Bitcoin? Here's what the experts say

by Team Luno 4 minute read

We looked back over the years to see what the experts have to say about crypto's potential in Africa.

What crypto Twitter had to say in 2019

by Team Luno 5 minute read

We've been canvasing the crypto community all year on all the major issues facing the space – here's what we learnt.

Is Bitcoin greener than gold?

by Lucille Wilcox 4 minute read

What’s the truth around Bitcoin mining energy consumption? And how is the industry working to minimise its energy usage?

Bitcoin’s hash rate is hitting record highs, but does it even matter?

by Lucille Wilcox 4 minute read

Bitcoin’s hash rate has been in the news, reaching a number of record milestones. But what does it mean and does it matter?

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