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The evolution of cryptography part 1: How it began

by James Ovenden 5 minute read

An in-depth look back at how cryptography has evolved through the ages, with part 1 focusing on its early beginnings.

Why stablecoins matter

by Marcus Swanepoel 9 minute read

In short, stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that are, in theory, meant to eliminate the volatility that the more ‘traditional’ cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are usually associated with. There are many different types with a lot of different pros and cons, which we describe in more detail.

ELI5 (Explain like I’m 5)

by Team Luno 3 minute read

Ever wanted a quick, simple explanation to a complex query? You’re not alone. Here’s why ELI5 is so popular.

DYOR - Do your own research (or risk getting rekt)

by Team Luno 3 minute read

The cryptocurrency landscape is still kind of the wild, wild west, so, unfortunately, finding the incorrect information is often easier than finding the truth.

HODL - Be a proud holder of crypto

by Team Luno 3 minute read

Crypto price fluctuations can be a wild ride if you’re not HODLing on tight. Find out the true story behind the call to HODL and how you can stay afloat when the seas get rough.

SHA (256) Rule - keeping your crypto encrypted

by Team Luno 3 minute read

Where is SHA? We need SHA (256) Rule to make sense of all this transaction data! If you’re feeling confused by crypto acronyms don’t worry we have the inside scoop.

The Securities Commission conditionally approves Luno’s application as a recognised market operator

by David Low 2 minute read

Luno will become one of only three digital asset exchanges to be regulated in Malaysia, allowing investors to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies.

Privacy on the Bitcoin blockchain

by Team Luno 4 minute read

The blockchain’s architecture is inherently transparent. So where does privacy fit in?

9 books to read on cryptocurrency

by Team Luno 5 minute read

In the spirit of World Book Day, here are our nine team-picks of cryptocurrency-related books you have to read.

What are smart contracts?

by Team Luno 4 minute read

Ever wonder what a smart contract is, what it has to do with the blockchain, and for what we can use them for? Well then, kittens, you’re in the right place 🐈 follow us for answers.

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