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How to prevent your Bitcoin account from getting hacked

by Luno Team 9 minute read

One of Bitcoin’s key features is that transactions are irreversible. Once you receive Bitcoin, the sender can’t take back the money. But it also means that if your account gets hacked, you will have difficulty recovering any stolen cryptocurrency. You should only deal with reputable Bitcoin companies and learn how...

How to identify and avoid Bitcoin scams

by Luno Team 3 minute read

Bitcoin is attractive to scammers for the same reason it’s appealing to you: it’s fast, it’s international, and it’s irreversible. So as Bitcoin usage has grown, we have seen more and more scams. The following are some of the most persistent Bitcoin scams. Bitcoin Ponzi, HYIP or MLM schemes These...

Rebate bonus on Bitcoin trading in Indonesia

by Luno Team 1 minute read

At Luno, our focus has always been to help our users to buy, sell and store Bitcoin in the easiest, most secure and most convenient manner. In line with this, we're happy to announce two new features that will make trading on Luno even better. Lower fees and rebates Starting...

BitX Lagos Meetup

by Luno Team 1 minute read

Come join some of the BitX team members at our first Nigerian meetup in Lagos on Wednesday, September 7, 2016 at the Co-Creation Hub. It will be an informal evening of discussing all things related to BitX and Bitcoin. The evening is open to existing BitX customers, and those completely new to our products...

​How Luno keeps your Bitcoin safe

by Luno Team 3 minute read

At Luno, our number one priority is to keep our customers' Bitcoin safe and secure. Our engineering team lives and breathes this, day in and day out. And there is a good reason for it. Our reputation depends on it. We aim to be the best and most secure way...

BitX Johannesburg meetup

by Luno Team 1 minute read

Come mingle with fellow Bitcoiners and some of the BitX staff for an informal meetup to discuss all things related to BitX and Bitcoin. It's an informal evening of networking, friendly chats, updates and is aimed at existing Bitcoin users, developers and those completely new to Bitcoin. Note that there is...

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