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BitX raises funding from Venturra Capital

by Team Luno 1 minute read

We’re very excited to announce additional funding from Venturra Capital, a leading Southeast Asian venture fund. Venturra will join our existing group of investors which includes The Naspers Group and Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group. Venturra Capital is a US$150m Asia-focused venture fund based out of Jakarta, Indonesia. It was...

Developer event: Cape Town Bitcoin Developers Meetup

by Team Luno 2 minute read

Bitcoin adoption has always been a chicken-and-egg scenario; the more people use Bitcoin, the more merchants are likely to accept it and vice versa. We believe that one of the best ways to speed up adoption is by encouraging bright people with clever ideas to play with this powerful new...

Introducing the new BitX Smart Wallet

by Team Luno 3 minute read

We’re excited to announce the release of the new BitX Smart Wallet to our Android users today, with iOS to follow soon. The BitX Smart Wallet is not ‘just another Bitcoin wallet’. It’s the start of something much bigger: a first taste of what we at BitX believe the future...

​The Future of Finance

by Team Luno 2 minute read

We all know software is eating the world, and that fintech companies are starting to challenge traditional banks in many ways. But what is the endgame? How will consumer financial products and the ‘banks’ of the future look? We believe that new breakthroughs in technology and a much higher bar for customer experience...

New look, new products, new faces

by Team Luno 2 minute read

Over the next few weeks you will see a lot of exciting changes at BitX. While we believe that the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency is inevitable, we’re highly committed to building products and services that will accelerate this trend. Over the next few weeks we’ll be rolling out a number...

Earn Bitcoin by referring friends & family to Luno

by Team Luno 1 minute read

This article may be out of date. See our latest update on Promotions here: Earn free Bitcoin Users can now earn Bitcoin by referring their friends and family to Luno.   What you need to do Simply log into your Luno account and click on Promotions from the menu. You’ll see a...
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