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Introducing BitX beta

by Team Luno 1 minute read

We've been conducting very exciting research sessions --both online and in person-- where we gather valuable design and UX input from a small selected group of users. Today, we're officially starting to accept external applications to join our BitX Beta community of international users. You'll get to review new versions of our applications, receive early previews of upcoming...

Buy airtime with your Bitcoin

by Team Luno 1 minute read

We’ve started rolling out the latest feature to the Luno platform to our South African users last night: airtime. With a few simple clicks, users can now top up their mobile phone airtime credit or buy data bundles from any of the South African mobile operators. These purchases can be paid for...

BitX at the BitHub launch in South Africa

by Team Luno 1 minute read

BitX attended the BitHub inauguration event in Cape Town on 11 June 2015 with two of our engineers presenting on what Bitcoin is and how BitX fits into the international Bitcoin ecosystem. @MyBitX @francpaul and @carelvwyk looking sharp at the launch of Cape Town's digital currency incubator, #BitHub. — Random...

Adding, renaming and switching between addresses

by Team Luno 1 minute read

We've added the ability for users to add extra Bitcoin receiving addresses, switch between and rename them. This way you could, for instance, provide someone --like a supplier-- with an address which you can call "business" and someone else --like a friend-- with a separate address called "personal". Adding addresses Navigate to...

DBS Blockchain Hack Singapore

by Team Luno 2 minute read

Luno was a mentor and an API provider at the DBS Blockchain Hack, held in Singapore on May 8 - 9, 2015. The Blockchain holds enormous potential in bringing new banking solutions to the billions of people in emerging markets, connecting them to a truly modern, digital, international economy. The...

Multisig security on Luno

by Team Luno 4 minute read

Luno uses multisig for both cold storage and hot wallets. One of the biggest advances in Bitcoin security in recent years has been the development of multi-signature (or “multisig”) technology. While Luno has been using a multisig solution for our cold storage since inception, we’re also happy to announce that we...
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