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We’re excited to announce the release of the new BitX Smart Wallet to our Android users today, with iOS to follow soon.

The BitX Smart Wallet is not ‘just another Bitcoin wallet’. It’s the start of something much bigger: a first taste of what we at BitX believe the future can, should and will look like.

As discussed in an earlier blog post, the future of finance will be predominantly driven by personalised and contextual financial experiences, embedded application intelligence and, of course, near-free and super fast payment technology like Bitcoin.

Our new Smart Wallet was engineered from the ground up and in close collaboration with our customers to bring this future to the world, right now.

The new BitX Smart Wallet - Quick Overview

The easiest way to learn more about the BitX Smart Wallet is to download and just start using it. But here’s a quick overview:


Personalised, intelligent design

The new dashboard utilises a card-based navigation system, providing a platform for a personalised and relevant financial experiences. Users can keep the cards they like and swipe away the ones they don’t -- over time the platform will start learning more about each user’s behaviour and personal preferences and provide cards that reflect these. A person who likes to trade Bitcoin might be more interested in price changes than the person who uses it for remittance or e-commerce, and the user experience should reflect that.

Over time the Smart Wallet will learn even more and provide users with even better information. We’re already working on things like anticipating when you will run out of data or airtime so you can top up before it happens, alerting users to optimal times to remit based on various liquidity sources and transaction sizes, and even sending your friends some Bitcoin on their birthday. Want to become a human teller? Or know where you can pay with Bitcoin? We’ll just add that card for you.

We’d love to hear your ideas on what cards will make your life easier or provide you with new business opportunities -- you can submit them on our new card suggestion page here.


bitx-smartwallet-multicurrencyUsers can store funds in either Bitcoin or their local currency. They can choose to make payments, send Bitcoin to friends or buy airtime using either their local currency or their Bitcoin balance.

This means you can effectively do transactions in the local currency that you are used to, with Bitcoin doing all the hard work in the background.

Refined and expanded features

We’ve refined some of our existing and introduced a whole range of new features, giving you and even better Bitcoin experience:


  • Send Bitcoin to any email address, phone number or Bitcoin wallet
  • Purchase airtime or data for you or your friends*
  • In-app customer support: messaging and FAQ
  • Set receiving amounts and generate additional receive addresses
  • Instantly buy and sell Bitcoin*
  • In-app onboarding (Know Your Customer) process
  • Receive Bitcoin via QR codes, email or your wallet address
  • Store your Bitcoin even more securely with our advanced multisig and cold storage
  • Ability to generate virtual credit card numbers so you can spend your Bitcoin anywhere in the world (coming soon)

* available in selected countries only


As always, we’re very interested in receiving your feedback and suggestions - you can submit these straight from the Smart Wallet, or email us at [email protected].

We look forward to evolving the BitX Smart Wallet by working closely with BitX customers and the broader Bitcoin community. This new future of finance is inevitable, together we’ll just make it happen much faster.

Download the BitX Smart Wallet for Android

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