Could New York become the US capital of crypto?

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  • As New York’s mayoral race heats up, some candidates are garnering votes by sharing their crypto vision for the future.

    • Republican candidate Curtis Silwa has said, “As New York City Mayor, I will make NYC the most cryptocurrency-friendly city in the nation. Property taxes, fines, and fees will be payable in crypto.”


    • Silwa has also shared plans to open more crypto ATMs and to incentivise businesses to accept crypto.


    • This isn’t the first time New York has had a prospective mayor add cryptocurrency into their campaign promise either. Earlier this year, candidate Eric Adams, who won the New York Democratic primary, also made his own pledge:


    • “We’re going to bring business here. We’re going to become the center of life science, the center of cybersecurity, the center of self-driving cars, drones, the center of Bitcoins.”
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