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Use your debit and credit card with Luno in Europe

Katharine Suy
1 minute read

We've expanded our deposit options in Europe to include debit and credit card transactions. That means European customers can now buy Bitcoin and Ethereum cheaper, faster and easier than ever before with Luno.

EU Card Deposits

With our new update, customers are now able to deposit up to EUR 1,000 into their Luno wallet instantly, with a monthly limit of EUR 5,000.

Why now?

Regulators have finally started taking an active interest in cryptocurrencies, and high-profile corporates are climbing aboard the speeding ICO train too. As popularity continues to soar, more and more people are looking for a smoother transition to this bold new financial system.

With this in mind, we ran an experiment to gauge whether our customers would be interested in a new method of funding their Luno wallet that would cut down the time it took before they were able to buy Bitcoin. From the pool of customers given the option to deposit by debit or credit card, we saw a 300% success rate over those who opted for bank transfers. Now we're launching this method to all European customers.

The details

You can now instantly deposit up to EUR 1,000 into your Luno wallet using your debit or credit card (depending on individual account level limits).

To learn how to make your card deposit, please read our Help Centre.

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Avatar Katharine Suy

Katharine Suy

Katharine heads up content. She brings her enthusiasm for blockchain technology and expertise in digital marketing to lead global content strategy at Luno. She has dabbled in her own businesses and holds a Bachelor of Business degree in Marketing and Communications as well as a Graduate Certificate in Innovation and Enterprise.

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