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What do we want? More features! When do we want them? Now!

zar eth launch post

It’s time to rejoice - we’re launching our ETH/ZAR pair meaning you can now buy Ethereum using Rands on the Luno exchange.

All about Ethereum

Ethereum is a public, peer-to-peer network or blockchain with its own cryptocurrency called Ether. Vitalik Buterin created Ethereum in 2014, to be a platform on which smart contracts can be built and run. We view Ethereum as far more than just a cryptocurrency, and simply put, Ethereum is intended to be a world computer.

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap, and its practical applications are vast in comparison to others. Where Bitcoin stores a list of balances and transactions on its blockchain, Ethereum is designed to store different types of data.

This data can be used by computers running on the Ethereum blockchain. These programs are called decentralised apps, or dApps. Another significant difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum is that the supply of Bitcoin is capped at 21 million. Meanwhile, Ethereum is not capped to any specific quantity.

Developers around the world can build and run decentralised applications on the Ethereum blockchain. The purpose of these is to improve finance, personal information storage, governance, and other industries by using the transparent nature of blockchain.

There are a host of unique use cases for Ethereum aimed towards automating daily processes and removing the middlemen from the systems we use making everyday life more efficient and cost-effective. These range from legal and finance, to medical and more.

Why should you care?

We’ve made it easier, cheaper and faster for you buy and sell Ethereum. We’ve added more freedom for you to choose your preferred buy method and sell method.

Want to learn more about Ethereum? We’ve got you covered in our Learning Portal.

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