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Faster deposits in Indonesia

Team Luno
1 minute read

We know that our Luno Indonesia customers would like faster ways to deposit money into their Luno accounts with Indonesian rupiah, which they’ll use to buy Bitcoin. We have two solutions for faster deposits.


If you need your deposits to show up faster you should either:

Use non-cash (“non-tunai”) ATM machines

Bank Mandiri, Bank CIMB Niaga, Bank BNI, and most large banks in Indonesia support this type of ATM machine.

Use Internet Banking

This can be sent from any Indonesian bank account.

⚠️ Important reminder

Remember to type in your unique reference number in the ‘Reference number / Message’ (‘‘Nomor referensi / Berita’) area when you make the transfer. You can find your unique reference number by going to the Deposit Money screen in Luno.

While we support multiple methods of deposit in Indonesia, these two methods allow for you to enter your unique reference number. Our system automatically matches payments made with your unique reference number and then adds the deposit to your Luno account.

If you didn’t include a reference number with your bank, online bank or ATM deposit, our system will not automatically recognise your deposit. You will then need to contact us to have the deposit manually allocated.

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Team Luno

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