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“Luno, please come and visit Bandung.”

“When will Luno come to Medan? Please..”

Some of the Luno staff with members of the Indonesian Bitcoin community

After hosting a successful Luno Indonesia Bitcoin Meetup in Jakarta in February, we received a lot of requests to host similar events in other cities as well. These included Aceh, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, and many other cities in Indonesia. This month, we hosted Bitcoin meetups in Bandung and Medan (and we hope to visit more Indonesian cities in future).

The events took place on 22 April in Bandung and 23 April in Medan, with me (Country Analyst Indonesia) and Vijay (General Manager) in attendance.

The enthusiasm of everyone present exceeded our expectations. There were a lot of Luno customers, but many of the attendees were newcomers, excited to learn about Bitcoin.

If you are new to Bitcoin, the fastest way to get started is with the Luno Learning Portal.

As a whole, we would like to thank everyone present at Luno Indonesia Bitcoin Meetup. We loved listening to your thoughts, questions, and feedback from Luno users and non-Luno users.

We look forward to seeing you at the other Luno Indonesia events in the future! To be the first to learn about them, sign up for a free Luno wallet and follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

To the moon!

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