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Introducing BitX beta

Team Luno
1 minute read

We've been conducting very exciting research sessions --both online and in person-- where we gather valuable design and UX input from a small selected group of users.


Today, we're officially starting to accept external applications to join our BitX Beta community of international users. You'll get to review new versions of our applications, receive early previews of upcoming products, give input to help us design the world's best Bitcoin products and just provide us with unfiltered feedback on what we're doing (right or wrong).

If you're an existing user familiar with our Android app, we'd love you to join the program.

There's only three steps: you need to:

  1. Join the program
  2. Download the beta app and
  3. Join our Android Beta Community page to leave feedback.

For now we're focusing BitX Beta on Android, but we'll soon extend it to our iOS and web applications.

Users in Cape Town will have the extra option to potentially meet with the product and design teams and maybe even get invited to our upcoming preview and design events :-)

[themify_button color="#4f587b" link="" text="#fff" ]Sign up for Android Beta here[/themify_button]

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Team Luno

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