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Tim Luno
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Luno Indonesia has recently launched the OTC Trading Desk following months of development. Through the Luno Indonesia OTC Trading desk, traders can request for quotes (RFQ) on-demand. Once traders like the rates they see, they can proceed to confirm trades and receive quick settlement directly into their Luno account.


Why Luno OTC trading desk is your best solution for making a big trade?

  1. Minimum transaction of IDR 50 million
  2. We currently offer OTC trading on BTC/IDR Pair only (other pairs are coming soon)
  3. Zero trading fee
  4. Better risk management. No need to split up your order or worry about price slippage risk
  5. Lock the price for 15 minutes
  6. Fast settlement within 24 hours.


How to request for quotes?    

  1. OTC trading service is only available for selected Luno VIP traders. Please fill in your details here to register and our team will contact you.
  2. You may request for quotes through our dedicated OTC Telegram Channel.
  3. Luno will provide a quote with a fixed price that is valid for 15 minutes.
  4. Once you like the rates, you can confirm the trades. Make sure that you have the required balance in your IDR wallet (if you are Buying BTC) or BTC wallet (if you are Selling BTC).
  5. Once we receive the confirmation, we will reserve the required amount from your wallet and initiate the settlement process.
  6. Once the settlement is done, you will receive your BTC (if you are Buying BTC) or IDR (if you are Selling BTC) amount in your Luno Wallet.



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Tim Luno

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