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Note: We have since updated this article to reflect the further changes in our product. Previously called the BitX exchange --> Luno Exchange 

We are excited to announce some improvements to the Luno Exchange. We've refreshed how it looks and added new features. This update makes the platform more useful for high volume, institutional investors and we're excited to unveil it.

The new Luno Exchange lets you place limit orders on the same page as you view market information. Our new layout includes candlestick and depth charts for all our markets. It updates frequently and highlights any changes to market conditions straight away.

You can now access the Exchange directly.

New features

The order book

The order book lists current limit orders resting in the market. Red represents sell orders (or asks) and green represents buy orders (or bids).

As traders place orders, the order book is updated. Orders are executed when asks and bids match up. The spread in the illustration below represents the difference between the highest bid and the lowest ask.

The order book

Candle, line and depth charts

The conventional candlestick chart illustrates price range movements during time periods. The grey bar chart indicates volume traded over time.

The line chart is a simpler representation of price movement over time.

The depth chart is a graphical representation of pending limit orders in the order book.

Recent trades list

This section lists recent trades chronologically. The three columns represent the time, price and volume of each.

Buy/sell order form

The dynamic order form is used for placing limit orders. Notice the BUY / SELL selector in the top right corner.

When an order is placed, it goes to the order book and the open orders list. Once it's matched (or partially matched) it will be in the Recent Trades section on the right.

If you click on a sell order in the order book, the order form will auto-complete to match those orders and BUY the Bitcoin available up to the specific ask price. Similarly, if you click on a buy order in the order book, the form will auto-complete to match those orders and SELL your Bitcoin down to the specific bid price.

Open / completed orders list

Limit orders will be displayed in the Open Orders section once placed. From here you can stop these orders if they have not yet executed.

Completed orders

Switching to the Completed Orders view allows you to view your trade history.

The new Luno Exchange is designed to be more efficient for experienced traders while remaining lightweight and intuitive for anyone who wants to buy and sell Bitcoin.

Access the Luno Exchange today. Please let us know if you have any suggestions on how to make your Luno experience even better.

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