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The new BitX Exchange

Werner van Rooyen
4 minute read

We are excited to announce a number of improvements to the BitX Exchange. These include a refreshing facelift and several new features that make our platform more attractive and useful for high volume and institutional Bitcoin traders. We’ve been enjoying using the new Exchange and are excited to share it with our customers.

bitx exchange

The new BitX Exchange gives users access to an improved layout that makes it possible to place limit orders from the same page where they find the market information. The layout now also includes conventional candlestick and depth charts for all our markets across Africa and South East Asia.The Exchange has also been optimised to be more reactive to changes in market conditions by updating frequently and visually highlighting changes to the order book so that you can see changes as they happen.

Exchange users can now access the Exchange directly from the following link:

New features

[themify_box style="rounded" ]Hover on the red dots on the image below for more info on the various sections.[/themify_box]

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The order book

The order book lists the current limit orders resting in the market. Red represents sell orders (or asks) and green represents buy orders (or bids). As traders place buy and sell orders in the market the order book is updated and orders are executed when the asks and bids match up. The spread in the illustration below represents the difference between the highest bid and the lowest ask.

The order book


Candle, line and depth charts

The conventional candlestick chart illustrates price range movements during specified time periods. The grey bar chart is an indicator of volume traded in the market over time. The line chart is a simpler representation of price movement over time. The depth chart is a graphical representation of pending limit orders in the order book.

candle chart

Recent trades list

The recent trades section lists, the most recent trades chronologically. The three columns represent the time, price and volume of each trade.

recent trades

Buy / sell order form

The dynamic order form is used for placing limit orders. Notice the BUY / SELL selector in the top right corner.

When an order is placed, it goes to the order book and the open orders list. Once the order is matched (or partially matched) it will be listed in the Recent Trades section on the right.

buy sell order form

[themify_box style="gray rounded" ]If you click on a sell order in the order book, the order form will auto-complete to match those orders and BUY the Bitcoin available up to the specific ask price. Similarly, if you click on a buy order in the order book, the order form will auto-complete to match those orders and SELL your Bitcoin down to the specific bid price.[/themify_box]

Open / completed orders list

Limit orders will be displayed in the Open Orders section once placed. From here you can stop these orders if they have not yet executed.

open orders

Completed orders

Switching to the Completed Orders view allows you to view your own trade history.

completed orders

The new Exchange is designed to be more efficient for experienced traders while remaining lightweight and intuitive for anyone who wants to buy and sell Bitcoin. We hope you enjoy using it and as always, please let us know if you have any suggestions on how to make your BitX experience even better.

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Avatar Werner van Rooyen

Werner van Rooyen

Werner is our former Head of Communications. His passions include payments, e-commerce, technology, marketing and design: something that he has been fortunate enough to do on three different continents. Werner has lived and worked in South Africa, the United States, Indonesia, Taiwan and China.

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