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Good news, everyone! We’ve completely redesigned the Help Centre for Luno Android and iOS customers. This upgrade allows us to provide you with faster, more precise and mobile friendly support, without the need for you ever to leave the Luno app.


Our product, design and development teams spent weeks researching and gathering feedback from our customers. We conducted multiple usability tests of the old version of the Help Centre with our customers to identify any sticking points. We then designed new prototypes and tested them alongside the old version to make sure we had actually improved upon the customer experience.

After further improvements and polishing, we’re proud to release the redesigned Help Centre on mobile.

What’s new?

The new mobile Help Centre has a mobile-friendly layout, better UX and matches the rest of our Luno products, such as the apps and Luno website.

We’ve greatly improved the search feature, which allows you to find relevant answers to your questions, faster.

We’ve also highlighted our most popular articles for easy access to answer your most frequently asked questions.


We’ve included a Notices section to ensure that you are kept up to date about things affecting our service levels. If we experience any known issues, such as slow Bitcoin network speeds or technical difficulties in your region, you can easily track and monitor their progress.

The new Support Inbox is an excellent tool to contact us with account and product queries. You can send or receive messages from there, and refer back conversations with us without having to navigate to your email inbox. That means you don’t need to search through your emails for the last, relevant tickets you might have submitted.

You’ll get notified via mobile push notification when there is an update to your ticket.

You’ll see a list of resolved and pending issues and you’ll receive a push notification when we’ve replied to a message.

The new Help Centre supports multiple languages which is a step towards our mission to bring Bitcoin to everyone, everywhere.


In closing

Our goal was to greatly improve our resources and make them available to our customers in the most convenient way. Since launching the new mobile Help Centre, we’ve already seen a reduction in customer support queries, which allows our caring Luno Community Team to give more love and attention to each customer. That, in turn, helps our company scale our services to meet the fast-growing global interest in Bitcoin.

We have a lot more improvements and features lined up so do stay tuned.


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Team Luno

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