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Luno Indonesia April mini survey winners announcement

Team Luno
1 minute read

In last month’s newsletter we announced that Luno was conducting a mini survey.


The goal of the survey was to find out more about our Indonesian customers and their unique preferences.

The survey was a success as we received many useful suggestions which we will use to help serve our Indonesian customers better in the future.

A big thank you to all survey participants!

Random selection was used to pick five winners, each will receive a prize of Rp 200.000 worth of Bitcoin! Congratulations to the following people:

  1. Bakri (hasanah***
  2. Ganjar Cah** (g.cahy**
  3. Eko Wahyun*** (eko.w.pamun****
  4. Tam Budi*** (tambudion***
  5. Auril Andr*** (aandr***

Please note: We will contact each winner via email.

NB: Beware of any form of fraud. We will not ask for your Luno account password. Make sure you are communicating only with [email protected].

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Team Luno

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