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Rebate bonus on Bitcoin trading in Indonesia

Tiyo Triyanto
1 minute read

At Luno, our focus has always been to help our users to buy, sell and store Bitcoin in the easiest, most secure and most convenient manner. In line with this, we're happy to announce two new features that will make trading on Luno even better.


Lower fees and rebates

Starting today, market makers on the Indonesia Exchange will earn a 0.2% rebate bonus, while market takers will only be charged a 0.2% fee. This means if you’re making a market/limit order, you will receive 0.2% of the Bitcoin you bought/sold back as a rebate. If you’re closing the order, you will be charged a reduced 0.2% fee.

This is a limited time period offer, valid until January 31, 2017.

Traders are an important part of the Bitcoin ecosystem and we'd like Luno to be the platform of choice for all Bitcoin traders in Indonesia.

Faster Withdrawals

Our wonderful operations team will now process your withdrawal requests much more quickly. We're adding an additional disbursement slot for rupiah withdrawals. You can now request withdrawals anytime before 16:00 Indonesia time and it will be processed the same day.

We hope you take advantage of these features and make Luno your go-to platform for Bitcoin.

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Avatar Tiyo Triyanto

Tiyo Triyanto

Tiyo is a bitcoin enthusiast since early 2013, quickly he established the biggest mining farm in Indonesia and was featured in TechCrunch. Later he cofounded RedFury, USB bitcoin miner. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Xavier University.

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