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Since we've started, our community has always been at the heart and soul of everything we do. We believe that your success is our success. It's in our best interest, to have your best interest at heart.

The global Luno team
The Global Luno team

To reflect our commitment to customer happiness, we've renamed our Community team to the Customer Success Team. This name better aligns with our responsibilities and commitment to being the easiest and safest way to get involved with cryptocurrencies.

From adding extra security measures (like SMS verification), or integrating with more local payment methods, to extending our customer support channels and growing our team, we do it with our customers in mind.

Every day, we're working on new and improved additions to our services. Every day, we continue to learn how to serve our customers better.

The Luno community has grown a lot in the last year, with new sign-ups sometimes outpacing the speed at which we can hire new team members. We’ve spent the last few months focusing on scaling the team at the right speed.

Team Customer Success Luno
Our Customer Success team in Cape Town

Our team has multiplied over the last year too. Our Customer Success team is now twenty times the size it was a year ago. By growing our team, we've been able to get to your queries faster, even during busy times.

We continue to find better ways to communicate with our customers. We’re experimenting with different support channels, including live chat in some regions.

With a global community that currently spans across 40 countries (and more on the horizon), we’re also expanding our support to include additional languages.

You’ll soon be able to get help in French, Italian, Romanian and Polish (in addition those we already offer.)

The Luno community is wonderfully diverse, and we're committed to giving everyone equal opportunities to get involved- so you can expect more languages in the future.

This community continues to grow, and with that so does our team. If you’re interested in joining, check out the Careers page.

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Team Luno

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