Want to get millions of Rupiahs? Check this trading success story & secrets #LunoRewards

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Fazrul: Started trading with Rp 5 million and got Rp 10 million of cashback?! How come? Read his inspiring story below! #LunoRewards #SuccessStory


Fazrul Karim who is a #LunoRewards member - works as a full-time employee in a private coal mining and electrical energy company. Before entering the crypto world, Mr Fazrul has some experience in trading IDX stocks, gold, mutual funds and Forex. Here is his story about being part of #LunoRewards that he recently shared with us!



Well, that was an exciting story from one of Luno traders who has successfully reaped a lot of rewards from the #LunoRewards program. Check his LinkedIn profile here to connect and chat more with him about his crypto journey with Luno. You, too, can follow in his steps by participating in this program.


A special offer in September, in addition to the cashback you get from your total monthly transaction, you also have the chance to receive a gold voucher from Tamasia if you are a Silver member or higher.


So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this rare opportunity and increase your crypto transaction volume on your Luno apps now! Or you can read more about #LunoRewards here!

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