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  • A bronze statue of Satoshi Nakamoto has been unveiled in Budapest, Hungary. The face of Satoshi is a specially reflective bronze-aluminium composite, meaning visitors can see themselves in the Bitcoin Creator's face.

    • According to the initiative’s website behind the installation, “The goal of the statue is to honour Satoshi Nakamoto … his work is truly something to be remembered. Not just because of its significance in the world of IT, but because of its value for humanity in general.”


    • As Nakamoto’s identity remains unknown, the statue represents a general human figure, not centric around the gender, race, age, or even height of the mysterious developer.


    • Tamás Gilly, a co-creator of the statue said: “It was a big challenge. It is very difficult to make a portrait sculpture of a person that we don’t know exactly what they look like. I hope that through the language of sculpture I have managed to convey the basic idea of Bitcoin, that it belongs to everyone and no one at the same time.”
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