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What our parents think we do

“What about actually using your (insert qualification here) degree? You can work on that magic-internet-money industry project as a hobby. There’s no job security in ‘cryptic currency’ or whatever it’s called.” Well, there’s nothing quite like living on the edge. But, seriously, working in the fintech arena, or for a startup, is often viewed as unnecessarily risky. We get it, but we also get that with no risk, there’s no reward.

will your job exist in 5 years

Can you just imagine the weird looks the Wright brothers must have gotten when people found out they were working on building crazy flying contraptions? While we’re not exactly creating a groundbreaking device that’ll get you to the moon, we are working on getting you to the moon in other ways, so to speak. Not everyone may be on board with what we're doing because they may not quite understand exactly what we're working on. But, the degree of scepticism doesn't surprise us because change can be scary at the time. We're in this for the long haul, though, and we're keen to help you understand

The way we see it, technological advances are taking place at such a rapid rate, the risk in not keeping up with the times is detrimental in its own right. Working in the fintech industry comes with the prerequisite of being technologically savvy and being interested in the potential that new technologies have to offer. The world as we know it is constantly changing and people around the globe are after cheaper and faster services that are more intuitive to their individual needs. We have the gift (and sometimes, the curse) of being at the frontline of changing the way people use and view money by directly addressing their needs and concerns.

To the next family member who asks us if we can predict the Bitcoin price, or if we’ve got a back-up plan for when crypto goes belly-up, please take note.

According to a Glassdoor survey, the top factors job seekers look for in a job are:

  • Salaries
  • Benefits
  • Location
  • Commute time
  • Employee reviews

Typically, most corporate companies offer basic employment benefits, like medical insurance and pension funds. Sexy, right? Job security is fundamentally different today than it was 20 years ago, and people’s sense of security within industries is challenged in a vastly different manner than before. Perhaps this has led to a need for different rewards and compensations aside from the standard.

So what really draws people to work in ‘volatile’ (i.e. misunderstood) industries? We can think of a couple of reasons to work in crypto.

What our friends think we do

We’ve got VR headsets and decentralised meetings, but working at an up-and-coming fintech ‘startup’ is more than just fancy equipment or taking a virtual tour of the moon. While we’re addressing misconceptions, it may be worth mentioning we don’t set the price of Bitcoin and price fluctuations don’t leave us scrambling for job applications, either. What we do get is the opportunity to challenge the status quo and suggest alternative and more productive ways of getting things done.

We’re drawn to the possibility of what can be achieved from working collaboratively with some of the greatest minds (if we do say so ourselves) spread across the globe. Luno has offices in London, Cape Town, Jakarta, Singapore, Lagos, Johannesburg, and Kuala Lumpur, with more on the way. It’s no easy feat to ensure all offices and everyone doing the hard grind in them feels part of one big, unified mission but we’ve got people who take care of that, too.

What we really do

Is it cliché to say it’s just pretty darn exciting? Working with talented minds who don't accept the sky as the limit, and code our very own massage booking software (yeah, we have massages at work - NBD), make every day an interesting new adventure. And little perks like this only punctuate what is already an inspiring and exhilarating journey. Every day we actively work to make a positive impact on people’s lives, whether we’re debunking misinformation, or creating intuitive software - there's no feeling quite like it.

Money is changing and so are people’s attitudes around it. We’re playing a key part in shaping the new financial landscape so it's better suited to the digital age we’re living in.

Do you have some interesting code you believe will leave our engineers on the edge of their seats? Are you an aspiring writer looking for a better reason to tap away at that keyboard? Or maybe you’re a designer looking to dazzle the world with your creativity and innovation? Whoever and wherever you are, if you're keen to build a better financial system, we'd like to meet you. Check out our career opportunities.

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