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How do I send Bitcoin?

Now that you are the proud owner of Bitcoin, you can use it as a payment mechanism, spread the word by sending some to your friends and family or just keep it in your Luno wallet. Luno offers three easy ways to send Bitcoin to others, each with its own advantages. 

You can send Bitcoin by either:

  • Scanning a QR code 

  • Entering a Bitcoin wallet address or

  • Sending it to someone's email address or mobile number

Send Bitcoin by scanning a QR Code

This is a convenient way to pay using your Luno mobile app, without the need to enter the recipient's Bitcoin wallet address. It’s ideal when sending Bitcoin from a mobile device (with a camera), using the Luno mobile app.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Open the app, available for download for iOS and Android


  3. Scan the recipient's QR code

  4. Enter the amount to send

  5. Review the details and confirm the transaction by entering your PIN

Send Bitcoin to a wallet address, email address or mobile number

Navigate to the send Bitcoin page: HOME > MORE > SEND BITCOIN

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Enter the recipient's email address or their Bitcoin wallet address

  2. Enter the amount in Bitcoin you want to send

  3. You can give the transaction and reference (optional, for your own records only) and click SEND

You can review the status of the transaction from the home page


  • The recipient's account might take a while to show the transaction

  • Sending to someone with a Luno account using an email address appears instantly

  • For security reasons, amounts exceeding 10 BTC are processed manually. See the deposit and withdrawal schedule to predict when your Bitcoin transfer will be processed.

What are the fees for sending Bitcoin?

Click here for details about fees for sending Bitcoin. We’ve published a blog article in which we discuss the reasons behind our fee structure.

Remember, sending Bitcoin to an email address or mobile number is an instant and free alternative. This is ideal if the recipient is already a Luno customer.

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