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How do I join Luno iOS Beta?

This article will focus on becoming a Luno Apple/iOS Beta tester. You can also join the Luno Beta community for updates and to provide feedback.

Step one: Sign up to become an iOS Beta tester

Fill in this form:

Step two: Click the link in the invite and go to TestFlight

You will receive an invite email. Currently we need to manually review the requests, so this might take a day or two to arrive.

Click the link that says “Start testing”, which will do one of two things:

  • If you don’t have TestFlight, it will take you to a page with a reference number and a link to the AppStore to download the TestFlight app. Once you've downloaded TestFlight you need to fill in the reference number and it will download the Beta version of the app for you.

  • If already have TestFlight it will simply download the Beta.

(Either way you Simply click “Start Testing” in the email and follow the instructions)

Step three: Start testing and send us your feedback!

When using the Beta version of the app, you can simply shake the device, this will bring up a little bug icon on the top right of your screen. Tap this icon to and then the red button to record a video of the screen (or your face) to tell us where you're encountering an issue. 

Alternatively, to send us an email from your device, open TestFlight, click on the Luno logo and click on Send Feedback.

You can also join the Luno Beta community for updates and to provide feedback.

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