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Instant buy or sell fees and limits

To make it easier for our customers to buy or sell cryptocurrency, we have created an instant buy or sell feature. This feature allows you to instantly buy cryptocurrency at the current exchange rate. For more information about how to use this feature please see here

Fees for using the instant buy or sell feature?

When using the instant buy or sell page to trade, we give you a quoted exchange rate which includes a fee. We cannot definitively tell you what the fee percentage is because it varies depending on market conditions.

To protect our customers from excessive price slippage, we have imposed a volume limit per transaction on the instant buy or sell feature. You are of course welcome to execute multiple consecutive instant buy or sell transactions.


Peter wants to buy 5 Bitcoin but the Instant Buy limit in his country is 2 Bitcoin. If he wishes to use the Instant Buy feature, he’ll have to split his purchases. Peter can do 3 transactions as follows: buy 2 Bitcoin, followed by another 2 Bitcoin, followed by 1 Bitcoin. He can make these purchases in a few seconds but each transaction must be lower than the Instant Buy limit.

What is the instant buy or sell limit?

For the country specific limits please see our Features & Fees page.

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