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How long until my deposit or withdrawal is processed?

All of our deposits and withdrawals are processed automatically, however there are some clearance time differences depending on your country.

For your country, deposit allocation time and withdrawal release schedule can be found below:


Deposit allocation time

Withdrawal cut-off time

Withdrawal released


2 to 24 hours




2 to 24 hours

08:00, 11:00 & 15:00

09:00, 12:00 & 16:00


2 to 24 hours

14:00 & 21:00

15:00 & 22:00


4 to 48 hours

08:00 & 15:00

09:00 & 16:00


After 3 confirmations

(approx. 30mins)

06:00, 10:00, 13:00 & 15:00


07:00, 11:00, 14:00 & 16:00

Deposits and withdrawals are processed each day from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Times indicated above are local times for each country, and GMT for Bitcoin.

When making a deposit

Please do ensure that your unique reference number (or in some countries, your unique deposit amount) are 100% correct before making a deposit. We’ll send you an email the moment your deposit arrives.

If you have made a mistake during the deposit process, don’t panic. Luno has never lost customer funds. 

If, after two business days (not including weekends and public holidays), your deposit has not reflected in your BitX account, please contact our team.

Submit your detailed proof of payment here.

When requesting a withdrawal

When requesting a local currency withdrawal from Luno, please ensure that your bank account details are up to date and correct. Here’s information on linking your bank account to Luno. 

Withdrawals are processed according to the table listed above. We’ll send you an email notification when we’ve released your money. Please allow for normal bank transfer times before expecting the funds in your bank account.

Bitcoin withdrawal times

Luno releases Bitcoin sent out by our customers to third party wallets from the“hot wallet”. The hot wallet is refilled several times a day at the release times shown in the table above.

You can send up to 10 Bitcoin from the hot wallet in any 24 hour period. If you exceed this limit, your transaction will be pending until you are within the limit OR a manual wallet refill is done.

During these hot wallet top ups, all pending Bitcoin withdrawals are released.

Example 1:

John requests to send 12 Bitcoin to somebody. Because his transaction is larger than 10 BTC, John’s transaction will be manually released during the next wallet refill. The transaction is not partially processed.

Example 2:

Jane requests to send 6 Bitcoin to somebody. The Bitcoin is automatically sent within seconds. Immediately afterwards, Jane requests to send 8 Bitcoin to somebody. Because 6 BTC + 8 BTC is more than 10 BTC in 24 hours, Jane’s second request for 8 BTC will remain pending until our wallet is next refilled.

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