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How do I monitor the Bitcoin price at Luno? Price alerts.

With price alerts you will be sent a push notification on your mobile device (or an email if you are not logged in to your Luno mobile app) whenever the Bitcoin price crosses a price level of your choice.

Creating a price alert

To create a price alert, go to:


To add an alert, tap on the BELL (+) icon.

Choose to receive an alert:

  • Once-off, which deactivates itself once you have been alerted

  • Every time, which alerts you each time the Bitcoin price crosses the selected level. Note: There is a 5 minute cooldown period for “every time” alerts.

When the price crosses the level you’ve selected, you will be sent a push notification or an email if you are not logged in to your Luno mobile app. Push notifications look like this:

How price alerts work

Example: you add an alert to notify you, every time, the price of Bitcoin is more than ZAR 1000.

  • Price movement 1 will trigger your alert

  • Price movement 2 will NOT trigger your alert. Add another alert to be notified when the price of one Bitcoin is less than 1000 to be notified in this case.

  • Price movement 3 will trigger your alert. Create a once-off alert if you only wish to be notified once.

  • Price movements 4 and 5 will NOT trigger your alert. The price must cross your alert level in the relevant direction to trigger alerts.

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