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Making a GT Collections deposit

For our customers in Nigeria we've enabled another convenient way to deposit money into your Luno wallet, using GT Collections. This is applicable only for GT account holders using the GT banking app with a deposit fee of NGN 105.

Here’s how to make your deposit with GT Collections

Firstly you need to open your Luno app:

  1. Select GT Collections Deposit under the Deposit method

  2. Enter the amount you wish to deposit

  3. Tap your unique Luno Payment Reference to copy the reference from the confirmation screen 

Then you’ll have to open your GT banking app:

  1. Go to the MENU > Other Payments > More Payments 

  2. Then go to Financial Institutions and select LUNO

  1. Enter your payment reference exactly as it is in your Luno app (incorrect reference numbers will not be processed)

  1. Enter the deposit amount

  2. A confirmation screen will be displayed with your account name

As soon as the payment successfully goes through in your GT banking app, the amount you submitted will be added to your Luno wallet in less than 15 minutes.

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