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Making debit and credit card deposits

We've expanded our deposit options in Europe to include debit and credit card transactions. That means European customers can now buy digital currency cheaper, faster and easier than ever before with Luno.

Here’s how to make your card deposit

Follow the usual deposit method by choosing Deposit money from the More menu on your home screen. Then:

Step 1 From the selection choose Debit or credit card.

Step 2 Enter the amount, according to your individual limits.

Step 3 Continue to our card payment partner EveryPay to confirm the transaction.

Step 4 Once confirmed please select Back to be redirected to Luno.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a limit for debit and credit card deposits? 

Yes. You can deposit up to EUR 1,000 per transaction with a monthly card deposit limit of EUR 5,000. This is separate from your current account level limits, which include the monthly and lifetime deposit limits that will be applied regardless of this card deposit limit. 

Are there specific lifetime limits for debit and credit card deposits? 

No. For as long as this card deposit method is available (with our partner EveryPay), there are no lifetime limits. This means you are free to make as many transactions of up to EUR 1,000 each with an overall monthly limit of EUR 5,000.

Is this a limited time offer? 

Yes. We are currently working on an awesome new feature (and it's not quite ready yet). Until then, we've teamed up with EveryPay to make card deposits available. To keep our fees the lowest possible, we're absorbing all costs so the deposit is as cheap as possible for our customers.

Are there any restrictions?

For some customers, yes. As part of our security policy, Level 1 customers won’t be able to send or withdraw for 15 days after making a debit or credit card deposit.

If I’m a Level 1 customer is there any way to send or withdraw sooner?

Yes. To send or withdraw sooner you can upgrade to Level 2, even after making your deposit.

Can I make more deposits after reaching my monthly limit?

Yes. The monthly limit of EUR 5,000 is for debit and credit card deposits. If you are unable to use your card to make a deposit, you can also make a bank transfer using SEPA, which have higher limits. 

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