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Terms and Conditions for the Lunosaur competition

The following rules apply to the competition being run by Luno Pte Ltd (Luno) known as the #Lunosaur competition (the Competition). Without limiting the applicability of Luno’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, you agree to be bound by these Rules when participating in the Competition.

  1. Eligibility. Participation in the Competition is limited to Luno customers with Level 1 or higher accounts situated within our supported countries, or such other locations where Luno makes the Competition available, and who are compliant with Luno’s Terms of Use.

  2. Agreement to Rules. By entering this Competition, you agree to be fully and unconditionally bound by these Rules, and you represent and warrant that you meet the eligibility requirements set out above. In addition, you agree to accept any decision made by Luno in terms of these Rules as final and binding.

  3. Entering the Competition. To participate in the Competition, you are required to create your own origami dinosaur (a Lunosaur) by following the folding instructions available here. Once completed, you are then required to create one or many original scenes featuring your Lunosaur and depicting your interpretation of how Bitcoin would replace existing government-issued or controlled national or regional currencies (Fiat Currency) as the currency of a potential future financial system. These scenes must be captured via photo or video and uploaded onto Facebook and/or Instagram and/or Twitter, with the hashtag #Lunosaur. It is your responsibility to ensure that the file uploaded is free from errors and is in a viewable format. We may in our sole discretion disqualify entries that are incomplete, are unable to be opened or viewed or do not adhere to these Rules.

  4. Multiple entries. You may enter the Competition as many times as you like, but may only upload the same picture or video onto the same platform once. The same picture or video may however be uploaded onto each of Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter, provided it is only uploaded onto the same platform once.

  5. Own content. By entering this Competition, you warrant that your entry is your own original creation and does not infringe any third party's intellectual property rights.

  6. Duration. The Competition will commence on 15 October 2018 and will run until 18 November 2018. Luno reserves the right to shorten or extend the Competition deadline in our sole discretion. 

  7. Prizes. 

    1. Entrants into the Competition stand the chance to win a grand prize of 1 Bitcoin.

    2. Luno may in our discretion award additional prizes to entrants following the completion of the Competition. The content of these additional prizes may vary, but will be notified to you should you be selected as a winner thereof.

  8. Undertaking not to damage. By entering this Competition, you undertake to strictly follow the instructions provided by Luno for creating an origami dinosaur out of Fiat Currency. You undertake not to, in any manner whatsoever, damage or destroy the Fiat Currency utilised by you for purposes of this Competition. Should Luno suspect or determine that you have irreparably damaged the Fiat Currency used in your entry photo or video, we reserve the right to disqualify you from the Competition. 

  9. Winner selection. Following the conclusion of the Competition, Luno shall select the winner of the grand prize, as well as any additional prizes. The selection of the applicable winners shall be in the sole discretion of Luno. Luno may, in its discretion, publish the pictures and/or videos forming part of the shortlist of entrants, prior to announcing the winners as per clause 11 below (Winner announcement).  

  10. Winner notification. Winners will be notified by email and social media within 5 (five) business days following selection thereof. Luno shall not be liable for any winner’s failure to receive notices due to spam, junk email or other security settings or for that winner’s provision of incorrect or otherwise non-functioning contact information. If a winner cannot be contacted, is ineligible, fails to claim the prize within 5 (five) days from the time the award notification is sent, or fails to timely return a completed and executed competition release form as required, the prize may be forfeited and an alternate winner selected. 

  11. Winner announcement. Winners shall be announced on Luno’s social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Should you be a winner and not wish Luno to publicise your name, you must notify us immediately following our notification to you that you have been selected as a winner.

  12. Competition release form. Should you be drawn as a winner, you’ll be required to complete a competition release form. Once the release form has been received and accepted by Luno, please allow the following timeframe for the delivery of your prize to you:

    1. in respect of the grand prize, 48 hours;

    2. in respect of any additional prizes, delivery times will vary according to the region where the winner resides. An estimation of delivery time will be communicated to you once you have provided the delivery address as per clause 13 (Delivery of prizes) below.

  13. Delivery of prizes. Should you be selected as a winner, we may require that you provide us with an address to which we can courier your prize. This may be any address where you are able to receive packages. Packages will be addressed to you only (we will not courier packages to third parties). It is your responsibility to ensure that you provide us with the correct address details. We will not liable should you not receive the package as a result of you providing us with an incorrect address.

  14. Rights Granted by You. By entering this Competition, you grant Luno, and anyone acting on behalf of Luno, the sole and exclusive right to utilise your photo(s) and/or videos entered into the Competition for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to marketing and promotional purposes. You undertake not to allow any other third party to utilise your photo(s) and/or video(s) for any purpose whatsoever.

  15. Use of multiple accounts. Anyone suspected or found to be using multiple Facebook and/or Instagram and/or Twitter accounts to participate in the Competition will be disqualified from the Competition.

  16. Non-transferable. Each prize is non-transferable, cannot be refunded, and cannot be exchanged for cash or another product. If you are a winner, we may require that you verify your identity prior to us delivering your prize to you.

  17. Personal information. Any personal information provided to us for purposes of the Competition, including but not limited to, your name, age, address (including postcode), telephone number and/or email address, will be used solely for purposes of the Competition and in compliance with our Privacy Policy

  18. Luno employees. Employees, agents of and/or consultants to Luno or any of its subsidiaries or related parties, their immediate family members (parents, children, brothers and sisters), spouse(s), life partners, business partners and associates (collectively Luno Parties) are not eligible to enter this Competition. No picture(s) or video(s) created by Luno Parties will be eligible for this Competition, irrespective of whether such picture(s) or video(s) are shared on Luno’s Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter accounts.

  19. Platforms. None of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter in any way sponsors, endorses, administers or is associated with this Competition.

Governing law. These Rules shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Singapore law and any disputes arising out of them shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.

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