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J’ai perdu mon téléphone ou supprimé mon application d’authentification à deux facteurs. Comment accéder à mon compte Luno ?

If your mobile device is lost, stolen or the Authy/Google Authenticator app was deleted from your phone, you can perform an automated two-factor authentication reset.

Luno has implemented a feature that lets you reset your own security settings in the event that you lose access to your mobile device.

To do a two-factor authentication reset:

  • Sign in from the website (not mobile app)

  • When asked for the two-factor authorisation code, click on "Having trouble signing in?"

  • We’ll send you an email containing a special link

  • Click on the link and follow the instructions

If successful, the reset should occur after a 48-hour cool down period. 

If you are unable to manually reset your two-factor authentication yourself, please provide us with a high resolution, clear colour self-portrait photo (selfie) of yourself, holding:

  • your identity document

  • a handwritten note reading “For Luno 2FA reset only”, as well as the *current date*

The selfie of you holding those two documents has to be in high resolution, so that your face is recognisable and all information can be read clearly. Please submit the photo as an attachment and send it to us via the contact form at https://www.luno.com/help/tickets/new.

In addition to the photo, a security call may be required. A Luno employee may phone you on the mobile number verified to your account.

Once we can confirm your identity, we will proceed to disable the two-factor authentication on your account.

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