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Who's it for?

People who are excited about the long-term potential of cryptocurrency and want to invest in the market rather than just individual coins, without the effort of buying, storing and rebalancing them all independently.

Various cryptocurrencies
Various cryptocurrencies
Expert coin selection

Invest with data-led methodology

Leading crypto publisher CoinDesk Indices’ expert-developed methodology means only cryptocurrencies that meet their eligibility criteria make it into your bundle. No memecoins.

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Rebalancing technology

Sit back with automated crypto investing

Your bundle updates automatically every three months so it always includes top performing cryptocurrencies and any poor performers are taken out.

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Optimal coverage

Get market-wide crypto returns

The Luno Large Cap is weighted so you always own more of the bigger coins for optimal market coverage. Invest in the future of crypto, not individual coins.

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How it works

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