Proof of Reserves

An independent attestation to verify that Luno fully collateralises customer assets.

Luno has always gone the extra mile to keep customers safe, with industry-leading processes protecting all our customers’ assets.

You don’t need to just take our word for it though.

Demonstrating our dedication to transparent and secure cryptocurrency investment, Luno ensures that all stored assets undergo monthly attestation by the independent audit experts at Moore (executed by Moore Johannesburg).

With this rigorous attestation process, executed by the use of Merkle Tree verification, you can have peace of mind that your investments with Luno are secure and accounted for accurately and completely.

So, what is it?

Moore is a global leader in the professional services industry. Specifically in Blockchain as a Trusted Partner for Chainlink.

On a monthly basis, they use Merkle Tree proof with specialised proprietary technology and perform a robust set of attestation procedures. This sets out to attest that all customer assets exist and prove that Luno is sufficiently collaterialised.

The Proof of Reserves is a widget-based web application that allows users to confirm their account balances were included in a specific proof of reserves attestation, and to download the corresponding reports.

It provides transparency for digital asset platform customers by presenting periodic attestation reports on the platform's token liabilities and the reserves held for these obligations.

These engagements are focused on customer liabilities and reserves and are intended to complement, not replace, full financial audits.

Why does this matter?

At Luno, we prioritise the trust and security of our customers above all else. That's why we're committed to maintaining full transparency through regular proof of reserves, ensuring that every coin you hold with us is backed by actual assets.

Our rigorous verification process guarantees that we have the liquidity to meet our obligations to you at all times.

Marius Reitz, GM of Luno said: We take a stand against crypto crime and proof of reserves helps to protect all stakeholders. Luno’s twelve million customers in more than 40 countries can rest assured that their wallets do in fact contain the crypto stated. With Merkle Tree reporting, our customers can independently verify their own crypto, giving them added peace of mind. We have always said that Luno is a safe platform to secure and store crypto and this is external validation that this is in fact the case.


The report will only be available on the Luno website, you cannot access it through the app. You can view the report below:

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