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To the moon: the future of money

Non-fungible tokens aren't new – but here's why 2021 is the year of the NFT

by Lucille Wilcox 4 minute read

Can a tweet you could screenshot for free really be worth millions of dollars? The recent boom in non-fungible tokens has opened up a whole new conversation about value. But are they a passing fad or here to stay?

Last Week in Review: Bitcoin's market cap sits above $1 trillion, outpacing US banking industry

by Team Luno 5 minute read

The NBA continues to show its love for crypto, NFTs are still very much in the forefront Stateside, and are governments following institutional investors down the crypto rabbit hole? Catch up on the latest news in the crypto space.

Last Week in Review: PayPal launches 'Checkout with Crypto'

by Team Luno 4 minute read

PayPal continues its foray into the crypto space with a new feature, Goldman Sachs is inching closer to offering crypto exposure to its clients, and The Weeknd, Ashton Kutsher, and Snoop Dogg all made NFT headlines last week.

Women in Crypto: Interview with Eléonore Blanc, founder of CryptoCanal

by Lucille Wilcox 7 minute read

How do you build and nurture a meaningful crypto community? It's no easy feat, but we had the pleasure of sitting down with someone who's doing just that – meet Eléonore Blanc, founder of CryptoCanal.

Last week in review: Visa completes first crypto transaction via Ethereum

by Team Luno 4 minute read

Another big week for crypto saw Visa make a breakthrough with its first crypto transaction via Ethereum, while NFT mania has reached critical mass after its appearance on Saturday Night Live! Get all the latest headlines here

Women in Crypto: Interview with Professor Monica Singer, SA Lead at ConsenSys

by Lucille Wilcox 8 minute read

We sat down with ConsenSys' South African lead, Professor Monica Singer, as part of our women in crypto series to discuss her career, how Africa could benefit from crypto, central bank digital currencies, and much more.

Last week in review: Visa working to enable bitcoin purchases

by Team Luno 4 minute read

Ja Rule’s putting art on the blockchain, Visa is working on ways to enable bitcoin purchases, and institutions are still buying crypto.... what a time to be alive. Here's all the headlines from last week.

Women in Crypto: Interview with Simone Maini, Elliptic CEO

by Lucille Wilcox 6 minute read

We recently sat down with Simone Maini, CEO of Elliptic, to discuss her career in the space, the importance of shutting down financial crime for crypto, and much more.

Last week in review: Chinese tech giants buying up bitcoin?

by Team Luno 3 minute read

The non-fungible token frenzy continues, John McAfee is back in the mix as he faces fresh crypto-related indictment charges, and institutional investors continue to pile into crypto. Catch up on the latest news here.

Luno's view on the regulation of cryptocurrency

by Marcus Swanepoel 7 minute read

The level of regulation in the cryptocurrency industry is increasing. We believe that it's important that this happens, but also that it's implemented in the right way. Here's why.

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