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NetProphet: Michael Jordaan & Marcus Swanepoel

by Luno Team 1 minute read

Below is an interview with Michael Jordaan and our CEO, Marcus Swanepoel, conducted by Kieno Kammies at NetProphet 2016. They discuss the the evolution of banking, the future of finance, Bitcoin and making the move from "suit to startup". Michael Jordaan was appointed head of FNB by the age of 36 and spent...

What is MMM Global?

by Luno Team 4 minute read

[themify_box style="rounded info" ]Update: there have been reports (Financial Times link - free article, but login required) of some local chapters of MMM Global collapsing and Sergei Mavrodi being in hiding. We expect some of them to keep running for a while, rebranding, but will in all probability be collapsing...

How to buy Ether (Ethereum) with Bitcoin

by Luno Team 2 minute read

At Luno, we're banking on Bitcoin making it big one day (or continue to make it big). Enough so that we now exclusively take our trading revenue in Bitcoin. That said, there has been a large amount of interest in Ethereum --an interesting alternative blockchain technology-- from our users over the past few weeks....

Bitcoin's Bad Reputation: The Truth Behind The Sensationalism

by Luno Team 9 minute read

Bitcoin has a bad reputation. But how much of it is based on fact? We look beyond the sensationalism to separate the myths from reality. Image: AMC Networks Inc. As industry insiders, it is sometimes hard to admit Bitcoin suffers from serious negative perception issues. In the minds of many...

The Luno order book in a spreadsheet

by Luno Team 1 minute read

If you're a trader, looking for a simple way to get the Luno order book —the list of all bids and asks on the Luno Exchange— into Google Sheets or Excel, we've got a simple solution for you. Simply make a copy of this Google spreadsheet and select the appropriate currency...

Indonesia update: Exchange, mobile trading & more

by Luno Team 1 minute read

Our Indonesian users might have noticed some big updates to their BitX accounts recently: BitX Bitcoin Exchange Indonesia First off, we added support for Indonesian rupiah on the BitX Exchange! If you have verified your identity with us, you’ll now be able to trade on our powerful exchange. See the new IDR...

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