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Updates to BitX Exchange trading fee

by Luno Team 2 minute read

We have several updates coming to the BitX Exchange, which we'll announce in the coming weeks, but first we want to announce a simplification in the way we charge trading fees. Currently trading fees are charged in BTC for buy orders and in local currency (MYR, NGN, ZAR, KES, IDR...

Gopher Gala 2016

by Luno Team 1 minute read

The Gopher Gala is the world's first Go(lang) distributed hackathon. Showcase your skills and compete for prizes against the best Go developers from around the world. Join us at the new BitX office in Cape Town on Saturday and Sunday, 23-24 January 2016, where we will be hosting a local...

Beyond the Blockchain

by Luno Team 15 minute read

Why Bitcoin 3.0 really is Bitcoin 1.0 Over the past few months we’ve been bombarded with calls and visits from many leading financial institutions and other large global businesses, typically with the same questions: “Can you please explain to us what blockchains are?”, “What can blockchains do for our business?”...

Taking Bitcoin Mainstream in 2016

by Luno Team 3 minute read

At BitX we love using Bitcoin and we can see the clear advantages it has over other forms of money. Given the traction and use cases we are seeing across the markets we operate in, we also believe it’s only a matter of time before Bitcoin becomes more mainstream. That...

Video: How Fast is Bitcoin?

by Luno Team 1 minute read

Check out our latest video titled "How fast is Bitcoin?" Click here to get your own free Bitcoin wallet and start making (and receiving) super fast payments.

BitX raises funding from Venturra Capital

by Luno Team 1 minute read

We’re very excited to announce additional funding from Venturra Capital, a leading Southeast Asian venture fund. Venturra will join our existing group of investors which includes The Naspers Group and Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group. Venturra Capital is a US$150m Asia-focused venture fund based out of Jakarta, Indonesia. It was...

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