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The Luno Exchange for web recently had a complete overhaul, providing you with a trading platform that’s been carefully optimised to give you an intuitive experience designed for smooth, efficient trading. From 30 April 2021, you’ll no longer be able to access the retro Luno Exchange, as we focus on ensuring you have the best possible trading experience through our new and improved platform. We can’t wait for you to try it. Are you ready?



What’s new?


You’ll find a host of improvements to the look and feel, as well as a number of new features. We’ve also done a load of work under the hood to make sure you can do everything you want that bit faster. At Luno, we understand that every second counts when trading, so it’s all been carefully designed based on your feedback to enable you to take full advantage of the latest market movements.


Updated look and feel


You’ll immediately notice the stylish new look – but this isn’t just style over substance. Everything’s been built for ease-of-use and speed.


For starters, there’s the navigation. This is now tailored to the areas of the exchange you visit the most frequently, making switching between pairs more straightforward and giving easier access to your tradable markets.


We’ve also dramatically improved the design for better contrast and accessibility, so visually you find what you need quicker than before



Under the hood


We’ve done a lot of backend work to enable faster load times and high performance.


New Order Types


All forms of trading come with a certain level of financial risk, a major one of which is price volatility. With stop-limit orders, this risk can be greatly reduced. Market orders, meanwhile, ensure an immediate buy or sell at the best available price.



Tradingview Charting


High-quality charting tools through TradingView. TradingView allows you to customise your layout using grouped tabs, split windows and column ordering, to give you the best chance of success – whatever your experience level. You also now have the ability to save indicators.


Order and Trade History


You’ll now find even more comprehensive data in your Order History to help you reconcile your trade positions.

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