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Luno at Tech in Asia Jakarta 2018

Luno Team
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The world of fintech startups can be an ocean of sales pitches from hungry entrepreneurs who have the best of intentions. With so many young businesses offering solutions, we have to ask ourselves how we can help people in meaningful ways.

The Luno South East Asia team

Held this year in Jakarta, Tech in Asia is one of the biggest startup conferences in South East Asia. Over two intense days, our Indonesia team spent time talking to over 5000 attendees about the nature of blockchain and educating them on the security of cryptocurrency.

And what would a conference be without a little fun?

Our wheel of fortune where new Luno customers stood the chance to win great prizes


Lunauts showing customers how to upgrade their money

Upgrading the world to a better financial system also has a serious side, too. Our passion for cryptocurrency goes hand-in-hand with our passion for learning, so we took the opportunity to speak to people at Tech in Asia about our approach.

Global Head of Countries, Vijay Ayyar (second from right)

The Semeru Stage is where our Global Head of Countries, Vijay Ayyar, sat on a live panel to discuss cryptocurrency in Asia. Emphasising the long term view we have here at Luno, Vijay addressed the short term concerns of the cryptocurrency market:

"You have to look at Bitcoin, and crypto, and blockchain as technologies. And technologies have life cycles in the way they evolve. As you see massive rises in prices and drops in prices, it’s a way of watching a technology maturing. It goes up and goes down. But what remains important is what it’s fundamentally trying to do."

Understanding the concerns of our customers when it comes to market volatility, Vijay also addressed the topic of regulation in our various markets. He highlighted that, having worked very closely with regulators across Europe, Africa and Asia, that his experience with regulators in Indonesia has been extremely positive. This puts Indonesian customers in a great position to buy cryptocurrencies with a secure platform like Luno, as there is a customer-first approach from service and regulator alike.

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Luno Team

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