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In 2016, we operated as one of the most trusted cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges in Singapore and were then known as BitX. However, with the industry so new and growing so rapidly, coupled with regulatory uncertainties, our services and those of others in the space were halted temporarily. During this time, we worked hard alongside authorities and partners to explore what regulation could look like going forward and to find the best way to bring our services back to our customers in Singapore.


We’re back!


Fast forward two years and we’re over the moon to let you know that Luno is coming back – with a new, revamped app!


It’s important to us that customers have access to simple and easy-to-understand crypto services on a single platform. With our launch in Singapore, we will be offering an instant buy/sell service and a full order book exchange – all of which are fully accessible through Luno on both web and app.


Luno will be the only renowned end-to-end crypto platform in Singapore, catering to all types of users - from customers that want a simple way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies to sophisticated traders who wish to trade them.


We currently offer the lowest trading fee tiers and you can enjoy taker fees from as low as 0.15%. Find out more about our fees here.


Before you get started


You’ll first need to update your profile if you previously used Luno, and if you’re a new customer, you can sign up for a new account here.


If you were using the Luno app previously, be sure to update them via the Play Store or App Store in order to enjoy our upgraded interface.


Using Xfers


We’ve teamed up with Xfers to provide you with a safe and easy way to buy cryptocurrencies with SGD on Luno. Visit our Help Centre to find out how to successfully set up your Xfers wallet.


What you can do with Luno


Once you’ve updated your profile and have an Xfers wallet with a positive balance, you’ll be able to do the following with Luno:

  • Deposit SGD using an Xfers wallet
  • Store, send and receive BTC, ETH or BCH in your Luno wallet
  • Instant Buy/Sell. Buy BTC or ETH instantly
  • Full order-book Luno Exchange. Trade BTC/SGD, BTC/ETH or BTC/BCH on the Luno Exchange.


Finally, we’re back and couldn’t be happier!


To the moon 🚀
Team Luno

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Team Luno

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