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To the moon: masa depan uang

Mengumumkan dua juta pelanggan Luno

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We’re excited to announce that our customers have now opened 2 million Luno wallets. Each little (or big) bit of Bitcoin or Ethereum someone buys through Luno is much more than a simple purchase. It's a vote for a new system. We want to say thank you to everyone who has been part of Luno's mission so far. Whether you've been with us since 2013 or joined this week, you're part of the journey. Having you onboard is an essential part of upgrading the world to a better financial system.

Mengapa harga Bitcoin sangat fluktuatif?

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Bitcoin is notorious for its volatile pricing, which goes through huge swings up and down in the span of days, hours or even minutes. But what causes this? Is Bitcoin itself just a bit fickle? No, it just has some unusual features. In this post, we delve into the causes of Bitcoin’s volatility.

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